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Abortion Kills 1 and Wounds Another

What We Do

  • Coordinate pro life activities with other organzitions that share and support our philosophies and values.

  • Furnish literature that explains abortion, infanticide and euthanasia and which promotes traditional family values.

  • Launch letter-writing campaigns aimed at providing information on life issues where it is needed the most.

  • Maintain a lending library of books, video and audio tapes on various life issues and concerns.

  • Keep up to date files on all important developments in the pro life battle.

  • Keep abreast of provincial, national and international happenings.

  • Supply relevant and detailed information for students conducting research or writing papers on the topic of abortion or other life-related issues.

  • Provide meeting and reading facilities for groups of up to a dozen people.

  • Give presentations on the issue of pro life to any person or group willing to listen.

  • Update this web site on a daily basis to bring you up to date happenings relevant to the pro life movement.