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Abortion Kills 1 and Wounds Another
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    Americans Still Split on Morality of Abortion

    At least half of all Americans are blind to the immorality of killing babies in the womb, a new Gallup poll reveals. The poll suggests that there has been little movement in Americans' opinions about abortion over the past 15 years. The poll was an extensive look at several different issues and tracks the evolution of people's beliefs over morally problematic issues such as homosexual relations, birth control, divorce, assisted suicide and others. Go here for more.

    Victory for Pro-Life Advertising

    Advertising Standards Canada has decided not to process a handful of complaints they received from abortion advocates deriding our latest pro-life billboard. The action, or lack thereof, means that our billboard will remain up on the Hwy 97 near Grizzly Road, for now. Abortion activists complained that the use of the word "baby" was inaccurate and misleading, that it is really only a fetus and it isn't cruel to kill fetuses. Lifesitenews has covered the story here.

    Parliament vs Senate on Assisted Suicide

    The powers that be in Canada are wrestling over which Canadians exactly are "entitled" to be legally killed. While the Liberal government wants only those who deaths are "reasonably foreseen" to have access to assisted suicide, the Senate has voted to remove that requirement in an attempt to bring the legislation in line with the Supreme Court's Carter decision. Because the June 6th deadline has passed, the Carter decision is what dictates the law while the two chambers duke it out to try and get legislation enacted. The possibility of assisted suicide occupying the same legal parameters as abortion is very real indeed: no law at all governing its practice. Go here for more.

    Toronto Mom Tries to Censor Anti-Abortion Postcards

    A Toronto woman was so upset by postcards depicting the images of aborted babies that she decided to take matters into her own hands and strip her neighbours' mailboxes of the cards. Liz Phillips, like many others, seems to be offended that she has to look at babies who have been ripped apart by abortion, but cares little about babies actually being ripped apart by abortion. As seems to be the reflex action of abortion advocates these days, Phillips resorted to censorship tactics and immediately began taking mail out of her neighbours' boxes, an action that is prohibited by law. As is many times the case, her antics have resulted in national media coverage, giving exposure to the pro-life message. Go here for more at CBC News.

    U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Abortion Imminent

    The U.S. Supreme is expected to rule soon on Texas legislation that has resulted in the closure of clinics and restricted access for women seeking to have their unborn babies destroyed by abortion. Their decision could have far-reaching implications. If successful, several pro-life states could follow suit and enact similar legislation to protect women and children by reducing the number of abortuaries while making existing ones more safe for the women. A negative outcome for pro-life forces could endanger similar laws already in existence. Go here for more.

    No2Trudeau Campaign Continues to Make Waves

    The Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform and Canadian Campaign Life Youth continue to rattle the consciences of Canadians by placing postcards with pictures of aborted babies on them in mailboxes across Canada. According to Global News, the campaign has put 173,000 postcards, leaving them about 4 months to reach their goal of 1,000,000 postcards delivered. As is so often the case, people who seem to care so much about the feelings of born children but have no regard for the lives of children still in womb are featured in media interviews complaining about the graphic nature of the postcards. Go here to watch the latest media coverage at Global News.

    Leaders in P.E.I. Election Clarify Abortion Stances

    The day after Justin Trudeau was accused of not being pro abortion enough because he is campaigning for the Liberals in the Prince Edward Island election, all 4 leaders have clarified where they stand on the issue. Sadly for Mr. Trudeau, his guy, Liberal Premier Wade MacLauchlan, said he would not alter the status quo in the province. Currently, the province does not have a place where women can go to have their children killed, but does pay for the procedure if they travel to Halifax Nova Scotia to get the deed done. Abortion advocates want a killing centre on the island (currently it is the only province without one), so it will be interesting to see how Trudeau walks the line here. Go here for more.

    Democrats Get Defensive on Abortion

    Republican leadership candidate Rand Paul touched off a battle of words last week when he turned the tables on a journalist asking him about what sort of exceptions he would allow on abortion. Paul responded by suggesting the journalist ask Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz if she supports killing a 7-pound baby in utero for any reason. The exchange went viral, forcing Wasserman to respond that government should have no role in the abortion decision, ever. Whether she likes it or not, most people don't support elective late term abortion and the issue is a source of division even among abortion advocates. Go here to watch the video.

    Alaska Moves to Dismiss PP from Schools

    Planned Parenthood is famous for getting into schools and accessing the minds of young people. Oh they like to claim they are providing valuable, "age-appropriate," scientific information that will help protect kids as they grow into adults, but what they are actually doing is trying their darndest to get kids sexually active so they can sell them pills, tests, and the biggest cash cow of all, abortion. Naturally, leftists are up in arms and doing all they can to spread misinformation about the legislation. Go here for more.

    Congresswoman Who Killed 20 Week Ban Now On Side

    One of the legislators who played a major role in preventing the U.S. House of Representatives from voting on a 20-week abortion ban, Rep Renee Ellmers of North Carolina, now says she can support the ban. She has changed her position because the revised legislation no longer requires that a woman seeking a late-term abortion on the grounds that she was raped to have reported the rape to authorities. Proponents of the requirement worry that predatory abortionists such as Kermit Gosnell would simply need to falsely report that their "patient" was a victim of rape in order to go ahead and kill the child she carries in her womb, making the ban virtually useless. Go here for more.

    See Abortion, Reject Abortion

    Not every pro-lifer agrees with exposing the graphic reality of abortion to an apathetic public. They argue that the tactic can traumatize post-abortive women, make the movement appear "radical," and turn people off from our message. Those that support it point to the ability disturbing images have to impact the heart and mind of the viewer. In this instance, a young, formerly "pro choice" medical student converted to the pro-life side instantly after viewing a live abortion as part of his traing.. Go here for more.

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