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Abortion Kills 1 and Wounds Another

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What can I say? THEE site for pro life, pro family, catholic news and updates! This one is a daily read.

More and more, the younger generation are coming to the realization that they are indeed 'survivors of the abortion holocaust.' Mark Crutcher has a unique and eye-opening perspective on the pro life battle. You dont want to skip this site!

What's that you say? Pro lifers are violent? Check out these reports and you might see things a little differently if you DONT want to face the horrific truth of abortion, then stay away from this site! Otherwise, explore some of the most concise and logical arguments for publicly exposing the truth of abortion you will ever come across.

An excellent site containing all kinds of in depth pro life arguments, and some really cool stuff to purchase as well. The plain and simple truth of abortion laid out in a plain and simple manner. Beware! tons of gifs!

OR, one of the oldest prolife groups in the U.S., uses legal means to maintain pressure on late-term and other dangerous abortionist. Political correctness is cast aside on this site exposing the liberal media bias and offering a conservative view of todays most important issues.