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"If we had not been systematically forcing women to have children they don't want or can't care for over the 500 years of patriarchy, we wouldn't have the climate problems that we have. That's the fundamental cause of climate change.

Radical Feminist Gloria Steinem.
May 17, 2017.
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What student unions and university administrations do not want students to see:

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Abortion OK in the case of fetal anomoly? Watch this before you answer:

Think abortion is a simple procedure that helps, and not hurts, women? Think again:
Watch and listen to women recount their experiences with abortion. 'Thank you' to
Your heart began to beat just 3 weeks after you were conceived! Abortion Kills 1 and Wounds Another

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Local students see the truth of abortion

This past January 24th and 25th, members of the ad hoc group Expose the Reality courageously displayed large images of abortion victims on the campus of UBCO. The group was comprised of KRTL members and non-members and a team of experienced pro-life activists from the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform (CCBR) in Calgary. A handful of UBCO students also pitched in on the fly to help out with the presentation.

The display, dubbed Project Educate, was set up in the main courtyard of the campus, attracting dozens of students to engage in dialogue. Members of Expose the Reality were impressed with the students’ willingness to ask questions, present arguments, and consider the pro-life responses in a calm and rational manner.

As to be expected, there was a handful of agitated pro-abortion students on hand to counter-protest and present their arguments, albeit in a different sort of way. The counter-protestors danced to music, some with strange attire, and waved around signs with worn-out slogans and strange messages such as “Eat the Ignorant.”

For the most part, the counter-protest served as little more than a background distraction to the more serious and intellectual discussions going on in the Project Educate area.

Campus Security kept a close eye on the scene throughout the 2-day event, and aside from the pro-abortion crowd moving in and taking over the pro-lifers’ space near the conclusion of the first afternoon, Project Educate went off without incident.

The pro-life displays also garnered the attention of local media outlets, getting exposure in local newspaper, internet, radio, and television outlets. Devorah Gillman from CCBR and Marlon Bartram from KRTL acted as media spokespersons, and both did an admirable job of representing the pro-life side to tens of thousands of people in the Kelowna area.

All in all, Project Educate at UBCO was a resounding success. Thousands of students saw the truth of abortion, many for the first time, while dozens engaged and had their pre-conceived beliefs about abortion challenged in a logical and respectful way. We have even received word that a pregnant student on campus decided to keep her baby after seeing the signs at our inaugural presentation back in October. For just that one life saved, our outreach to UBCO has been well worth the effort! Go here for photos of the Project Educate on the campus of UBCO. *Some graphic images and foul language.

2016 Walk for Life.

KRTL Marks "Celebrate Human Life Day" in Kelowna.

The Kelowna Right to Life Society held its annual fundraiser, the Walk for Life, in Mission Creek Regional Park on August 27th. The event raised just under $3,000 which will go to our billboard campaign.

About 150 people came out in support, a number that organizers were generally pleased with. "It was really great to see so many people come and celebrate human life with us," says Executive Director Marlon Bartram. "We are hopeful that next year even more will come out to support our year-round efforts promoting the sacredness of human life in all its stages and conditions."

Earlier in the month, the City of Kelowna once again rejected a request to proclaim the 27th as "Celebrate Human Life Day" in Kelowna for the 4th consecutive year.

Go here to view photos of the 2016 Walk for Life.

Pro Life Billboard Erected on Kelowna Highway.

Message compares animal cruelty to abortion.

A 12' x 24' pro life billboard is now up on Hwy 97 in West Kelowna. The Kelowna Right to Life Society received a generous, anonymous donation that enabled them to put up the billboard on the Westside of Kelowna along the busy Highway 97, where it will be until March of 2017. The billboard juxtaposes the killing of a puppy as "cruelty" with the killing of an unborn baby as "choice" and features images of a cute puppy and a baby at approximately 10-12 weeks gestation, a time when abortion is common.

The billboard has already attracted the ire of abortion advocates, with many local activists submitting letters to the editor and complaints to Advertising Standard Canada. Several local abortion advocates attempted to have the billboard removed using the ASC mechanism; complaining that the Kelowna Right to Life Society was being dishonest in calling the unborn child depicted in the ad a "baby." The complainants also claimed that the ad violates the section of the Advertising Code prohibiting ads that display "unacceptable depictions and portrayals" of persons or groups.

The Society responded to the complaints by pointing to provincial and government publications that also call the unborn babies. Examples included pamphlets on the dangers of drinking, contracting food poisoning, and smoking while pregnant.

The Society also pointed to several on-line resources through health authorities, medical sites, and several others all referring to the baby in the womb as a baby. They also argued that many other advertisers, including Doritos, Pampers, and UCBaby have without controversy used the word “baby” to describe the unborn in their advertising campaigns.

As far as being discriminatory, the Society argued that while some might find the billboard offensive, it does not directly identify, nor incite displeasure or violence toward, any identifiable person or group.

Kelowna Right to Life also objected to the fact that the complaints originated from their "competitors," something that is not permitted under ASC procedures.

Kelowna Right to Life Executive Director Marlon Bartram responded to the ASC's decision to drop the complaints by saying, "we see this as a major victory for the pro-life movement, not only in terms of respecting freedom of expression, but also for the march toward achieving protection for the unborn. The crux of our argument is that pre-born babies, like born babies, are full persons with the inherent right to life, and that abortion is an abhorrent violation of that right. This billboard has done wonders in helping us to advance these important truths."

If you wish to contribute to the pro life billboard campaign and other efforts of the Kelowna Right to Life Society, please go to to make a safe and secure online donation.

Life Chain 2015.

More than 200 people stand for life!

The annual Life Chain was held in at the corner of Harvey and Gordon Avenue in Kelowna this past October 4th, and just over 200 people came out to stand publicly in defence of life! The exact count, 205, was the largest attendance recorded for a Life Chain since the 1990's. Young and old, male and female, people from all different faith backgrounds came together to proclaim that abortion kills children, abortion hurts women, adoption is a loving option, and Jesus forgives and heals.

Several local church leaders could also be spotted at the event, and although City Hall was invited to send a representative to the Life Chain, none were present. Maybe next year.

The huge and highly visible (it's estimated that as many as 10,000 vehicles drove by the chain during the 1.5 hours it was there) declaration of these truths was not without its opposition. One woman, who was obviously hurting, tore up 4 or 5 of the signs that were used. Another man came out from his apartment building and expressed his displeasure at the truth of abortion being publicly exposed. Near the end of the chain, 2 young men appeared holding make-shift cardboard placards that were not legible from the roadway.

Aside from those minor incidents and a few shouts and honking from commuters, there were no serious incidents, and in fact there were many many commuters who expressed their approval and gratitude for the event.

Kelowna Right to Life Society would like to thank all those who came out to Life Chain 2015 to take a stand for life, and we look forward to an even more successful event in 2016!

Go here to view photos from Life Chain 2015 in Kelowna.

Supreme Court judges dont always make the RIGHT decision!Throughout history, judgments from the highest courts in the land have, tragically, come down on the wrong side of "personhood" cases. Women, Blacks, Jews all have felt the sting of being excluded from the human family by our law-makers. Now, it’s the unborn’s turn. Download the "Persons" poster here!

Contact the Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Centre at www.ovpcc.comIf you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, there are people who understand and care. They understand that your situation is not easy, by any means. You may be feeling confusion, utter loneliness, and even terror as you face your unplanned pregnancy. Know the facts about all the choices in front in you. Please, consider allowing us the opportunity to help. You are not alone.

The act of abortion leaves profound scars at the deepest levels of your being.Abortion is a profound and deeply meaningful act that can leave women, men, grandparents, brothers and sisters hurting in a myriad of ways for months, years, and even decades. Depression, guilt, remorse, anger, and unresolved grief are just a few of the emotional difficulties commonly experienced after abortion. If you or somebody you know is suffering from a past abortion but does not know who to turn to, there is help.

About Us

Kelowna Right to Life is a non-profit charitable organization working to educate the public about the realities and consequences of abortion and euthanasia. Upholding strong moral values and the promotion of traditional family structures are fundamental elements of this work.


Kelowna Right to Life believes that the civilization of a society is measured by the care and protection given to its weakest members. We reject the anti-life philosophy that offers death as a solution to human suffering, especially when the label "choice" is used for the killing of pre-natal infants, so-called "useless" members of society, and the infirm and aged.

Our great City of Kelowna ought not continue to tolerate the killing of defenseless unborn children in our own hospital. It is our duty as citizens of good conscience to speak on behalf of the voiceless, to stand for those who cannot defend themselves, and to oppose the horrific injustice of abortion scarring the women, men, and families of our community.

Please support the efforts of Kelowna Right to Life in their attempt to educate the public on the reality of abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, embryonic stem cell research, and other anti-life issues.

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Just 3 weeks after your conception, your heart began to beat!